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GP2 exhausts are born from experience and style taken from the systems made for Moto2 World Championship and the goal was to satisfy the needs of those motorcyclists willing to fit their sport bikes (and not only Japanese ones) with something less “usual”. GP2 exhausts are available as slip-on only (silencer and mid-pipe) and the main feature is the very light silencer, fully made in titanium, short and small, with a round section and a slash-cut end pipe. For a slip on, power increase is really interesting and, moreover, the sound is really “nasty”. Where needed, the support clamp is also made in titanium. Another distinctive feature is the specially-designed Arrow logo. Available only in race version, GP2 exhausts are ready to be fitted with a spare dB-killer, specially designed for these silencers and available to be purchased separately.

Maxi Race

For some bikes we felt the need in a silencer with a bigger volume. That’s why the Maxi Race-Tech shape was born. Maxi Race-Tech silencers has the same technical features of Race-Tech ones, but the cross-section is increased. The bigger volume was useful to develop silencers for big dispacement bikes with a single silencer, also. Infact this kind of bikes are more demanding respect to noise reduction and gas flow dynamics. Maxi Race-Tech silencers are obviously available in the street legal version, with dB-killer. Silencers are available with canister in titanium, aluminium or carbon fibre and, for some top bikes, a carbon endcap is now available.

Arrow Pro-Racing


Trumpet-style silencer got an incredile success and customers started asking to fit those silencers also on bigger bikes (the bigger the bike, the higher the noise). So Arrow started thinking to increase the inner volume of the Pro-Race silencer: a Pro-Racing line was born. Pro-Racing silencers design (final section diameter increased to 106mm) helped us making the innr volume big enough. Moreover, the design is more flexible (different layouts are available, with a single cone or two cone-shaped sections welded together), thus allowing the guys in the R&D to develop an exhaust which fits almost perfectly to the bike’s design. As it happens with the Pro-Race silencers, the silencer is fixed to the frame via welded fixing points. Pro-Racing silencers are made in stainless steel and welded with TIG technology. A street legal version of these silencers is available and, in some cases, a choice between a carbon endcap and a stainless steel endcap is available

Street Thunder

More and more new bikes are designed with very small silencers. moreover, these small silencers are also fitted in “strange” positions: these facts made necessary to use smaller and smaller exhaust systems also in the after market production. For these reasons Arrow decided to introduce in the Street Bikes silencers range a kind of silencer designed in the first time for the Off-Road program, again with a diamond shape. So the Street-Thunder range was born, a mix of design and technology, one of the most good looking in the market. The difference lies in design of the rear endcaps, available in stainless steel or in carbon fibre. To balance the reduced volume, a strong work has been done in researching for top level sound absorbent and thermal insulating materials: we cannot list the tests made in the R&D and in the tracks, tests that made possible to Arrow to introduce new technologies in the production process. As usual, also Street Thunder silencers are available in a street legal version with removable dB-killer. And as the “bigger brothers”, Street Thunder is available with canisters in titanium, aluminium or carbon fibre.

Arrow Indy race exhaust pipe

Indy Race

Another particular need was the basis to start development for Indy-Race shape: there were some bikes whose design was so demanding that none of the existing Arrow silencers was capable to fit in. This new shape, whose section remembers the “oval” of some USA race tracks (and so the name), is a bit “squeezed” respect to the others, giving a good inner volume to be used to keep under control the noise levels. With respect ot the other technical features, there are no great differences with the other product lines made by Arrow: inner parts are made in stainless steel, manufacturing is being made with TIG and MIG welding, the canister is available in titanium, aluminium or carbon fibre and in some cses a carbon fibre endcap is available. Also, Indy-Race silencers are available also in a street legal version, with dB-killer.

Arrow Pro Race Pipe

Pro Race

A new trend was born, when in early 2000s they started using in MotoGP the trumpet-style silencers: due to customers asking continously, Arrow started workin on this issue and the Pro-Race line was born. A Pro-Race silencer is made assembling a cone-section part with a final part made by a cylindrical section (diameter: ø98mm). Due to the layout of this silencers, in most cases it was not possible to fit Pro-Race exhausts to all bikes, also due to the inner volume provided by the cone-shaped design, limitating the chances to keep the noise under control. Moreover, again for the cone-shaped section, Pro-Race silencers are fixed to the frame via a welded fixing point.

Arrow Race-Tech


Race-Tech silencer was the very first exhaust made up with a dimaond shape and in the past years almost completely replaced the “old style” systems with a round of elliptical shape. The innovating diamond shape design really made Arow capable to reduce the dimensions with respect to traditional shapes, though keeping the same overall cross-section. This allowed Arrow to manage also a real weight reduction without compromising the inner volume, thus keeping the noise below an acceptable level without choking the performances. Inner parts of the silencers are made with stainless steel coupled with TIG welding technology. All the “wet” sections (those involved by the gas flow) are kept under strict dimensional control, to optimize the gas flow. Really important feature are the rear endcaps and the gas outlet pipes: these components are designed so that outbound gas flow runs turbulence-free and to reduce counter-pressure negetive effects.


It was born to fit GSX R European Cup Suzukis, but the Trophy silencer has become one of the best systems in the Arrow range. The extraordinary trapezoidal shape made many motorcyclists go crazy and so Arrow decided to creat a range of silencers with that design. The structure of a Trophy exhaust actually is not giving the chance to fit a dB-killer, so these silencers are not available in street legal version, except the Hornet 600, meeting the noise requirements also without a dB-killer. The exhaust is built entirely in stainless steel and assembled with TIG welding. A unique feature is the oval gas outlet giving a typical sound to the silencers, added to the beautiful look.

Pipes Priced FROM R3790.00

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